Mono APET Floatfilm - Floatable top film for APET bottom webs

As there is no food grade for PCR materials with direct food contact other than PET so far, the implementation of a closed loop in food packaging requires a new thinking. Considerations of this issue are already well advanced. So does the consultation version of the "Mindeststandard 2021" (Minimum Standard of the German Packaging Act) also contain a specific reference to the future assessment of mono APET trays*. The reference outlined there is intended to create the conditions for Mono APET trays to be considered recyclable. Thus, the introduction of a PET waste stream for packaging in Germany can be expected within the the next years.

This makes sense above all because the thin top films can be relatively easily separated from the mono polyester trays via a float/sink process after the packaging has been shredded in mechanical recycling. Food-grade regranulates can thus be produced from the essential mass fraction of the packaging, which can then be used again.

Solution with 70 % recycled content

For an optimal marketing option for your product, we have produced a suitable solution with a recycled content of 70 % as a total amount within the packaging. It is available as an easy peel or reclose variant and is already available as a sample. So this product packaging also offers the opportunity for attractive consumer communication.

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* According to the consultation version of the minimum standard 2021 of 08.06.21, page 6

A manufacturer packages its goods in clear-transparent PET-A monolayer trays. ...The packaging is classified by the system as recyclable. The system commits itself to the high-quality, mechanical recycling of an appropriate quantity of PET trays for the verification year and concludes a contract with a PET recycler who produces PET granulate from the trays ...


Recycling of PET trays

The video of the company 4PET (Faerch Group) shows how PET trays are already recycled at locations in the Netherlands and Denmark:

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