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As of January 1st 2018, Thomas Uhlig will succeed Fritz Rüegsegger as Head of Sales at our ppg > flexofilm and ppg > wegoflex companies.

Mr Uhlig has been in our employ since the first quarter of 2016, contributing years of experience in the flexible packaging and printing ink industries. We wish Thomas Uhlig great success and joy in his new position and we are certain that we have found a worthy successor.

Fritz Rüegsegger has been Head of Sales for over a decade, contributing greatly to our companies´ success. Both his dedication and his empathy remain a tremendous asset for customers and colleagues alike. That is why we are happy to keep Fritz Rüegsegger in our midst as Senior Sales Manager. As of 2018, Fritz Rüegsegger will work for the ppg > companies from Switzerland.

GLAD TO REMAIN ON DUTY I have been Head of Sales at the ppg > companies flexofilm and wegoflex for more than ten years and I am glad to remain on duty. Not commuting between my office in Holdorf and my home in Bern quite as often will surely be enjoyable. However, even at 65 years of age, I do not want to retire completely. Instead, I will continue to contribute to the success of ppg >. The reason is simple: I truly enjoy doing what I do and ppg > is a wonderful company. As a Swiss native, our efforts to further extend our companies´ services in my home country are very dear to me. In addition to my new duties, I will keep in touch with my colleagues and I will of course still be of service to our customers. I wish my successor Thomas Uhlig much joy and success in his new position.

Fritz Rüegsegger

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Fritz Rüegsegger

Senior Sales Manager

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