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Our focus: Recyclability of packaging films with regard to process safety and regulations, material reduction for reclosable films and improved puncture resistance.  


At our new booth (HALL 7 / booth 7-341), we will be happy to present our latest solutions to meet the challenges you are currently facing in terms of advancing your film composites. Our main focus is, of course, the recyclability of packaging films both with and without barrier properties.

In addition to versatile applications from our technologies, such as flexographic and rotogravure printing and finishing our extensive extrusion expertise enables us to provide extra product studies. The highlights presented at the fair include design variants of our Reclosable Duplex for MAP-packaging and Heat Resistance for convenience products


In the wake of recent developments with regard to determining the recyclability of film composites the consequences for companies packaging goods have yet to be identified in practice. As a collaborative service partner to our clients, we have been on top of this problem and are currently testing technical solutions that combine all relevant aspects in the best possible way. In keeping with this approach, we will present a product study at the trade fair detailing a mono-material polyethylene packaging solution.

Laminate composites made from polyester and polyethylene are a proven solution due to their machinability in high-speed packaging processes. Depending on how strongly these composites get devalued in terms of their recyclability due to governmental regulations, companies need to identify and assess viable alternatives. Another deciding factor will be the question of whether or not the film and the tray are assessed separately or as a whole. To avoid the potential down-grading of a composite film, we developed our product study as a mono-material polyethylene film. Depending on the required level of product protection, this solution can be complemented with high-barrier properties. In the face of the ever-increasing relevance of sustainable flexible packaging, our portfolio already includes several solutions to meet the demands of the consumer goods industry.




As an additional highlight we will present our product study Puncture Resistance. This project focusses, as the name suggests, on improving puncture resistance by employing a high-performance polymer at a reduced material thickness. This should prove especially interesting for companies whose sensitive bulk materials require particularly thick composite films.

In addition, we will showcase the design variant Reclosable Duplex, which enables the use of MAP-packaging with a reduced material thickness in accordance with all relevant parameters.

Our advanced film structures therefore provide a real opportunity for companies looking to optimise the sustainability of their packaging concepts. Furthermore, we offer Biobased, a cellulose-polyolefin compound made from 50 to 80 percent bio-based resources. This has recently been applied in a customer-specific solution that demanded stand-up pouches for dried goods. Its product protection properties and overall process safety were proven in a number of tests.

While at FachPack 2018, seize the opportunity to discuss your packaging needs with us directly. We invite you to engage with our application engineering experts to benefit from our know-how first-hand. Given the time constraints at the trade show and the limited slots, we kindly ask you to set a date with us beforehand.

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