HQ FLEXO – fuller, softer, crisper

Given the enormous competition from attractive brand presentations at the point of sale, the demand for a higher print quality for flexible packaging has increased significantly. As a packaging manufacturer we make sure that our flexographic printing meets not only today´s demands in terms of packaging design, but also our customers´ future requirements.


HQ FLEXO (High Quality Flexographic Printing) is a newly-advanced printing technology used to achieve the highest possible quality for such print designs. In applications where rotogravure printing was considered unrivalled for the longest time, HQ FLEXO now enables highly demanding prints for flexible packaging.

The added value of this advancement stems from its ability to provide more homogenous renderings of graphic colour areas as well as significantly clearer depictions of bright image sections. Provided a sufficiently high print resolution, it also delivers the depth and detail of photographic images. This is particularly beneficial for serving suggestion images on bags and lidding films. In addition, HQ FLEXO allows for very soft gradients and therefore achieves quality far beyond that of classic flexographic printing.


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